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Apple iPhone 6

Apple is the biggest manufacturer and reseller of mobile phones in the world.  The iPhone transformed the world and the iPhone 6 will launch very soon!  The iPhone 6 launch date is not yet confirmed but rumoured to be before the end of 2014.  On September 9th 2014 Apple will hold a major media junket where the release date and preview of the iPhone 6 should be known!

The iPhone 6 will combine a mobile phone (yup – people still use the phone function!), an iPod – which is a music and video entertainment device, and an Internet communications i.e. web browser device in a single handheld product.  When originally launched the first iPhone was based upon Apple’s Multi-Touch user interface.  The new iPhone 6 will again feature desktop-class email, iPhone 6 web browsing will be faster, searching, and the new iPhone 6 is rumoured to have improved maps and is of course totally compatible with both Mac and Windows-based computers.

The new iPhone 6 will keep the functionality of automatically syncing content from the owner’s iTunes libraries, as well as syncing their contacts, bookmarks, and email accounts.  The iPhone 6 will of course continue to allow customers to access the iTunes Store to download audio and video files, as well as a variety of other digital content and applications.

If the iPhone 6 release is anywhere near as successful as the iPhone 5 when it was launched in September 2012 then expect Apple to storm back to the top of the phone charts with this latest iPhone 6 model.