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MyRepublic FREE Chromecast 2 (Movies)

  • Added: 24/03/17
  • Expires: on-going

MyRepublic Free PS4 Promo

Get a FREE Chromecast 2 (Movies) or Chromecast Audio with MyRepublic Fibre plans

MyRepublic fibre broadband has an incredible offer for everyone… Sign up to the MyRepublic Fibre plans and get your hands on a FREE Chromecast 2 or Chromecast Audio! That’s right – score a sweet Chromecast 2 or Chromecast Audio with the MyRepublic Fibre plans.

MyRepublic have launched a fantastic new promotion where you get a FREE Chromecast 2 or Chromecast Audio when you sign up to one of their Fibre plans.

We think that this is a GREAT promotion and is a brilliant example of providing the type of hardware that works so well with a Fibre broadband connection.

This MyRepublic Chromecast 2 or Chromecast Audio offer is available right now but only for a limited time… so why not take advantage of it right now? Not only will you get incredible Fibre broadband speeds, you will also get the amazing Chromecast 2 or Chromecast Audio for FREE!

It’s exciting! Interested?

You can check your address availability for GigaBit Fibre Broadband from MyRepublic by clicking through on the link here – input your address and see what’s available.

This is a great offer but it won’t be around forever… Click here to sign up now to MyRepublic Fibre broadband with a FREE Chromecast 2 or Chromecast Audio!

So you stick your address in the Fibre Checker and check out the MyRepublic difference and see if you can get Fibre here.

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