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MyRepublic Sign Up offer

MyRepublic Broadband – Upgrade to fibre for free

  • Edited: 08/12/16
  • Expires: 08/12/16 EXPIRED

MyRepublic now offer VDSL

Upgrade to fibre for free

MyRepublic is now available to all!

So you’re busy looking for a new NZ broadband deal and you’ve heard all about the Fibre Network rollout and how it will send your home surfing and video streaming to LIGHT SPEED!!

So you stick your address in the Fibre Checker and then…


There is no fibre in your street yet!!

But don’t fret! Fibre Broadband is on the way across all of New Zealand and the good news is that if you want a fibre service which isn’t available yet you can join MyRepublic now with the next best thing – Boost VDSL. Once fibre is in your street you’ll then be prioritised and hooked up to fibre as soon as possible when it hits your road… at no extra cost!

MyRepublic Boost VDSL is basically a Fibre stepping stone… VDSL will give you the fastest speeds capable over your copper line and once you’re signed up the great guys at MyRepublic will switch you to fibre as soon as humanly possible… no admin, no delays!
So what are you waiting for? MyRepublic have loads of great features including a free high speed router, New Zealand based customer service and enhanced video streaming capabilities.

Check out the MyRepublic difference and see if you can get Fibre here.


To qualify for this awesome offer please ENSURE that when you go to the MyRepublic Fibre Broadband portal you have the CORRECT LINK. You must click through from the FreeVoucherCodes website as this is the only way we can help to ensure you get this incredible deal and the extra special service that being a FreeVoucherCodes member ensures you should receive. Your landing page needs to read R.O.EYE in the top right corner. Like on the image below.

MyRepublic Sign Up offer ROEYE closeup

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