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eVitamins Promo Code – 50% OFF!

  • Added: 06/09/16
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evitamins promo code


Super Price Focused – We continously look for better ways to offer you lower prices. Whether through the volume discounts we offer, system refinements we make (proprietary ecommerce platform, WMS, MRP, etc), our supply chain model, free shipping or our rewards program…. we’re comitted to lowering our prices and passing the savings over to you.
Authentic, Fresh Products – We are a direct authorized reseller for every brand we sell. Our inventory turnover is 17 to 1 (past 12 months) and is considered one of the highest in our industry, ensuring you always get the freshest products.
Generous Rewards – We offer a generous rewards program to help you save even more money. It’s simple. Refer a friend, save them money and earn $10 deposited directly to your eVitamins account.
Our Supply Chain – Unlike traditional warehouses, we use a proprietary hop system and combine it with cross-docking to deliver the best method for distributing health and beauty products. Our system ensures all products are delivered to you in the freshest way possible at the lowest price.