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Gourmet Direct is an incredible online butcher.  Gourmet Direct has been delivering high quality, rare breed and traditional meat across New Zealand since 1992.

Gourmet Direct was created out of a desire to bring the high quality, vacuum packed, premium meat products that were flying out of New Zealand to the home consumer with a discerning meat palate.  The guys there were just a tad annoyed seeing all this amazing Kiwi product going overseas and not into Kiwi bellies!

…and so Gourmet Direct was born!

The now iconic silver insulated cartons that are synonomous with Gourmet Direct deliveries, began to pop up across New Zealand.  Otherwise impossible to find New Zealand meat products were suddenly available to discerning home cooks.  In addition to Gourmet Beef, Fine New Zealand Lamb, Veal and Venison cuts, Gourmet Poultry and small-goods, Pork and Game Birds etc etc, there was also an exceptional range of condiments designed to compliment the overall core product range.

…and so we come to present day and the Gourmet Direct consumer offering as you now find it… well it’s in good hands.  Kate King took over the business and brought with it a passion for the history and founding principles of Gourmet Direct as well as an obsession for outstanding Customer Service.  The supply agreements that are binding the established product specifications to the current business were renegotiated to ensure that Customers would only receive the consistent high quality that they had enjoyed in the past and standards would only get higher and higher.

With a customer base that only invest in the best for their homes and vehicles, who enjoy fine wine and the best of life, they now have a place to buy the best pf New Zealand meat and can fulfill their need for the best ingredients to cook with in their kitchens… direct to their doors!

The Gourmet Direct product range is designed around strict specifications sourced from expert suppliers which ensure that the customer receives only the absolute best, every time with access to top quality export cuts with the convenience of door-to-door delivery.

If you’ve never thought of buying meat online before… change your thinking. Gourmet Direct will not disappoint.