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Installed Heat Pumps

Installed Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps, Expertly Installed

If you have thought of installing heat pumps but never got around to it… why not?!?! Heat pumps from is an absolute game changer. It will transform the cold house into a warmer, more comfortable home. Heat pumps are just pretty darn awesome.

The team at have been installing heat pumps in New Zealand from day one. They only want to install heat pumps that are the best quality heat pumps in the New Zealand market. The heat pumps from is a fantastic heat pump product that is made in New Zealand by kiwis for kiwis and the team have been trained to have the best understanding on the how heat pumps works and how heat pumps should be installed to get the full benefit. are true heat pumps installation specialists and the Installed heat pumps installers are fully trained professionals. There are local teams for:

Request a free heat pumps installation quote with no obligation to see the cost of installing heat pumps. With heat pumps, you can turn your house into a warm, comfortable home! Click here for a free heat pumps quote from