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Stuff-Fibre Promo Code – 33% OFF. NEW!!!

  • Added: 18/04/17
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Stuff-Fibre Promo Code Stuff-Fibre Promo Coupon – Save 33% on your first 3 months and still NO CONTRACT... read more

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stuff-fibre promo code

Stuff-Fibre Promo Code – 25% OFF

  • Edited: 18/04/17
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Stuff-Fibre Promo Code Stuff-Fibre Promo Coupon – Save 25% on your first 3 months and still NO CONTRACT... read more

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stuff-fibre promo code


Stuff-Fibre Promo Codes and Stuff-Fibre Promo Coupons

We believe that Kiwis deserve a better, simpler internet experience.

Fibre is the future we’ve been waiting for and it’s all that we offer. Starting at 100mbps or faster, we’re not just here to give you the best connection – we’re here to help you get the most out of all the amazing possibilities that fibre has to give.

Turns out that we’re not the only ones that think Kiwis deserve a better deal – the good folks at think so too. Stuff has championed for the good of New Zealanders from the moment it was launched 16 years ago. Together we’re untangling the web. Stuff Fibre delivers lightning fast speeds, unlimited data, no fixed-term contracts, local customer service who put you first and a gigabit router for better performance. We’re committed to bringing Kiwis a better, simpler internet experience.

Our tech is the best in market. The latest generation gigabit router we’ll give you is designed for fibre-fast speeds and multiple devices being used at the same time so you won’t just have a better internet service, your devices will be faster and more reliable to use on our network.

Our promise is to put you first. Choosing the right internet plan for you will be simple. It’s about offering you the best plan to meet your needs. We think that’s fast fibre. We promise easy sign-up and if you want to talk to our local Customer Service team we will call you back … when it suits you. We won’t bounce you around different departments and we won’t leave you hanging … for minutes, let alone hours! In fact you can talk to us where it suits YOU, live chat, facebook, twitter or google. We are committed to delivering on our promise of a better, simpler internet experience.

Need a pro come to your home and set everything up for you? Done. Want to do it yourself? Done. Need a short term upgrade because the family is coming to stay? Done. Want to keep your landline number? Done. Need to manage your apps, devices, network and keep an eye on the family? Done. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering a better internet service that you can enjoy, control and get the most out of!

For too long New Zealanders have endured slow customer service, capped plans, fixed-term contracts and poor performance. Stuff Fibre is built from the ground up, using the latest generation technologies to help our customers get the best out of New Zealand’s world leading Fibre Network. Promising fast fibre with local customer service, no capped plans or fixed term contracts, we’re committed to championing a better, simpler internet experience for Kiwis.