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Vector Solar from only $50 a month

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Vector Solar How much for solar panels in NZ? The quick answer is… probably not as much as you think!... read more

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Vector Solar Energy Cost

Vector Solar

Vector Solar

Solar Panels for your Auckland Home

Live in Auckland? Heard of Vector (of course you have!!)? Heard of Vector Solar?

No? Well read on… Vector are offering Solar Panel solutions to Auckland home owners and with a Vector Solar system you can take control of your home’s energy use by harnessing the power of the sun…which as we know… is free!

So if you are looking at your energy costs and if you’re home during the day or have electric hot water heating, pool heating or other “always on” appliances you’ll be able to get enormous benefits from Vector Solar. You could end up buying a lot less electricity from your power company and in some cases you may generate MORE electricity than you use and be able to sell your power back to the energy companies! Imagine that!

Vector Solar Panels provide a great way to take control of a major household expense and move towards becoming more self-sustainable.

So click through to the Vector solar site and quickly answer ten super quick and easy questions and they’ll work out what size Vector Solar system would be best for your home.

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